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Modeling is a clean and effective way to represent an organizations business needs and wants.  It provides information in a graphical style interface to  stakeholders so that they can understand and relate the business rules and processes. 

Without a good model (design), the business or data work (implementation) would not be as effective or stable as it could be.

In system modeling, there are two areas to look at when initially creating a application. These areas include 1) Business Modeling and 2) Data Modeling.  Both these areas disciplines contain critical information that the organizations need to understand so that business can run more effectively.

Inside the Business Modeling arena there are a different model(s):
  1. Business Process Modeling
  2. Process/Data Flow Modeling
Within the Data Modeling arena there also exists different model(s):
  1. Conceptual Data Modeling
  2. Enterprise Data Modeling
  3. Logical Data Modeling
  4. Physical Data Modeling
  5. Relational Data Modeling
  6. Dimensional Data Modeling