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Areas To Learn

The importance of a good data model is under prioritized.  There are many different sections that need to be understood.

Logical Data Model:
  • How to create an entity
  • How to add definitions
  • How to add business rules
  • How to create a domain
  • How to create an attribute
  • How to add validation rules
  • How to create supertypes & subtypes
  • How to create constraints
    • Primary key
    • Foreign key
    • Unique constraint
    • Recursive relationships
  • How to create identifying and non-identifying relationships
  • How to setup cardinality
  • How to explain relationships that connect two or more tables
  • How to assign role names
  • How to create key groups
  • How to create sequences
Physical Data Model:
  • How to create or alter a table
  • How to create or alter a column
  • How to create validation rules
  • How to assign NULL and NOT NULL constraints to columns
  • How to name foreign key constraints
  • How to add database related properties to tables, indexes, etc..