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Data Modeling Naming Standards

This page will refer to the conceptual and logical data modeling naming standards.  The physical database object standards are located under the "SQL" area.

Ten common naming standards area equally applicable to the data's domain.

  1. Be correct, that is, both in functionally and technically accurate.
  2. Be clear.  Avoid using vague terms such as "handle" or "workflow".
  3. Be concise, using the fewest number of words as possible.
  4. Be unique, avoiding wording similar to that of any other name in entity or domain.
  5. Be atomic, representing a single concept.
  6. Contain only letters of the alphabet and numbers
  7. Follow a specified format standard of the organization.
  8. Reflect common terminology used throughout the organization
  9. Use complete names wherever possible instead of abbreviations or acronyms.
  10. Use only approved abbreviations or acronyms when the modeling tool restricts the length of the name.